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Mishi Jain


Major: Political Science; Policy Studies

Mishi Jain is a Senior double majoring in Political Science and Policy Studies with concentrations in Comparative Politics and International Relations respectively. Mishi is heavily involved with the Baker Institute Student Forum, previously serving as Secretary, Executive Vice President, and now President. Outside of BISF, Mishi is leads the Rice American Association University Women chapter and is involved with the Rice Pre-Law Society. 


Dylan Dickens

Executive VP

Major: Political Science; Archaeology; Policy Studies; Sustainability

Dylan Dickens is a Junior student of Political Science, Archaeology, Policy Studies and Sustainability at Martel College. He finds himself involved heavily with the Baker Institute, his collegiate government, the Center for Civic Leadership and the RHA program. An ex-cheerleader and occasional mascot, Dylan is an avid consumer of good television, good food, and good company. He hopes one day to serve for the United States Diplomacy Corp and engage with the front lines of global policy.


David Ratnoff

executive vp

Major: History; Political Science; Politics, Law, and Social Thought

David has been involved with the Student Forum extensively since his freshman year, when he served as a copy editor for The Cultivator. As Secretary, David launched the informal debate series to increase policy visibility on campus. Now as the Executive Vice President and Publisher of The Cultivator, he oversees the growth and standardization of The Cultivator’s print and digital platforms. In his free time, David brings joy to students in the form of caffeinated beverages. Catch him behind the espresso machine in Coffeehouse, in New York photographing urbanity, or buried deep in a dataset.


Catherine Kirby

head of formal events

Major: Political Science; Business Minor

Catherine Kirby is a sophomore at Baker College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business. As Head of Formal Events, Catherine works to plan events involving the Baker Institute Fellows. Outside of BISF, she enjoys learning languages, traveling, and practicing her Korean through watching dramas. 


Eliza Martin

head of informal events

Major: Latin American Studies; Political Science; History

Eliza is a Baker College sophomore majoring in Latin American Studies, Political Science, and History. As co-head of informal events, Eliza works to connect undergraduate students with policy issues in an informal setting. When she's not studying or working at the Baker Institute and Willy's Pub, she enjoys traveling, exploring Houston, and playing college powderpuff. 


Gary Dreyer

head of informal events

Major: History

Gary Dreyer is a current sophomore at Hanszen College majoring in History, and has served on the BISF Executive Board since the Spring 2016 semester as the Co-Chair of Informal Events. Originally from Staten Island, New York, Gary is also involved on campus with  Rice University College Republicans and Chabad at Rice. Gary's hobbies and interests include political activism, travel, and journalism. 

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Tenny Ryals


Major: Economics; Business Minor

Tenny Ryals is a Sophomore at Hanszen College majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. As Secretary of BISF, she reaches out to students on campus and helps keep Rice students informed about BISF'S events. She is particularly interested in education policy and foreign policy.


Julia Wang

policy competition chair

Major: Economics; Policy Studies; PJHC Minor    

Julia is a sophomore at Baker College and is passionate about international economics and community development. As the Policy Competition Chair, she encourages undergraduates at Rice University to engage in public policy through submitting their own policy proposals to the annual Undergraduate Policy Competition. Outside of BISF, she enjoys designing for the Campanile yearbook, interacting with the startup community through the Rice Entrepreneurship Club, and playing on her college's Powderpuff team.


Erin Rawls

Cultivator Editor-in-Chief

Major: Linguistics; Policy Studies

Erin is the editor-in-chief of Cultivator, BISF's student policy publication. She is a sophomore Linguistics and Policy Studies major at Brown College. This semester, she has been working with a few other students to start a short form policy writing section of Cultivator in order to create more avenues for policy discussion on campus. She is particularly interested in criminal justice policy and education policy. Outside of BISF, she enjoys working as a barista at Rice Coffeehouse. 


Elizabeth Myong

assistant cultivator editor

Major: English; Political Science

Elizabeth Myong is a Hanszen College sophomore studying Political Science and English.  As Assistant Editor of the Cultivator, Elizabeth edits policy papers and promotes public policy awareness across campus. She is particularly interested in women, education, and cyber-security policy. Outside of BISF, Elizabeth enjoys writing, watching old films (60’s classics or 90’s Indie), and learning about gastronomy.


Carlin Cherry

head of outreach

Major: Mathematical Economic Analysis; Philosophy; Business Minor

Carlin is a sophomore Mathematical Economic Analysis and Philosophy major at McMurtry College. As BISF's Head of Outreach, Carlin helps with club marketing and design strategies. Carlin is particularly interested in international and education policy. Outside of BISF, Carlin works at the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She's also a member of the Rice Triathlon club and enjoys practicing and competing with the team.


Zach Birenbaum

officer ex-officio

Major: Political Science

Zach is a senior at Hanszen College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Business.  As Officer Ex-Officio, he helps with event planning and coordinating logistics for BISF’s wonderful speaking events. Outside of BISF, Zach enjoys playing fantasy football and facilitating deep conversations.