Welcome to RJPP Short-Form!

Welcome to RJPP Short-Form! We are incredibly enthusiastic about promoting an informal non-partisan platform to share policy ideas and encourage students to engage in discussion. In addition to the traditional, long-form annual publication of The Rice Journal of Public Policy, this short-form blog will be home to policy articles from students and groups across campus for informal policy dialogue. If you have a perspective on any policy issue, whether that be on the federal, state, local, or Rice level, that you wish to share, please feel free to submit short-form papers to us. Rice students have many ideas and opinions, but often lack an intellectual platform on which they can share them. Now, they have an opportunity to do so. 

If you are interested, find submission guidelines on the "About" sub-tab. 

Thanks for visiting – we hope you get involved. 

Shruthi Velidi | The Rice Journal of Public Policy, Editor-in-Chief

shruthi.velidi@rice.edu | ricejpp@gmail.com